About Us

As a network weaver, the role of a “Baltimore Networker has been fully embraced by Maryland-based Sally S. Cherry aka Chief Silo Buster who strives to increase access and delivery of information pertaining to events, places, people, and causes within Baltimore City and various Maryland locations. Sally’s diverse personal and professional interests are reflected in the content (text, images, etc) shared within Baltimore Networker eXchange.

Visiting Feathered Friends
Visiting feathered friends without disturbing at Sandy Cove (2012)

Within her real life and virtual-based communities, Sally has several roles which include…  STI Laboratory Consultant ~ 3D Immersive Virtual Worlds ManagerMedical Laboratory Instructor ASCP-certified Medical Technologist ~  Social Media Consultant ~ Photo-Storyteller ~ Network Weaver ~ Speaker ~ Webmaster ~ Blogger ~ Tech Geek Content Curator ~ Mother ~ Sister ~ Auntie ~ Friend.

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